Bucky and His Bike

This web site is about Bucky Green and his attempt to bike across the United States a little bit at a time.

Current Status as of September 23, 2013

Northern Route Trips

Central Route Trips

End Points In the East

Southern Route Trips

East Coast Route Trips

West Coast Route Trips

Other Bike Trips

  • West Glacier MT — Waterton and Glacier National Parks Loop
  • Where It All Started



    Go to the website that covers work that my staff and I do called Greening EPA

    For good bike route maps and long distance biking information, visit the Adventure Cycling Association

    To calculate distances you have ridden or are planning to ride. Map My Run. It's originally was designed for runners but it works for bikers too. They had a period of really poor customer service as they expanded and changed the capabilities of their site (2011-2012), but they seem to have gotten over that.

    Want to go biking?

    Let me know if you would like to join me on a bike trip sometime. Write me at this e-mail address. This features is currently not operable.

    Last Update: September 14, 2013